Visionary World of Boguslawa Czarnecka by John Austin

The Way of Love


"Paintings of Boguslawa Czarnecka are luminous examples of art dedicated to the exploration of the human form with the elements of the imaginary and the symbolic. Using stylistic techniques which offer multiple simultaneous views, literally and metaphorically, the artist focuses on depiction of eyes in a medley of colors. Czarnecka’s work can be characterized as poetically elusive and allusive. The play of visual correspondences which are set into motion in each work is heavily dependent on its narrative quality.



Boguslawa Czarnecka heightens fragmentation, sequencing and pacing in her work. Using colors and tonal gradation with sensitive skill she beckons the beholder to see private realms which co-exist, almost as parallel universes, within the same picture plane. The artist’s world is rife with floating organic and naturalistic spaces. This adds to the overall auratic beauty of the overall exhibition.


Czarnecka is contemporary artist with intimations of Expressionism and Symbolism which permeate her work. Her depiction of eyes evokes psychic and biologic worlds and references. What is particularly arresting is the artist’s capacities to draw out from her work a sense of metaphysical sublimity. The crepuscular light, the juxtapositions of scale and intimations of crevices and haunting negative spaces in her work gives it a richly ambivalent, even contradictory effect. The best visual work is often that one which is invested in contrarieties and spatial conundrums.


The works’ finest passages are triggered by the artist’s uncanny use of compositional techniques. They include organized marks used often as structure to pattern formations such as alluvial, cellar patterns which reference both the anatomical formations as well as interior spacing within the human body. Added to this are the artist’s allusions to series of complex alignments applied against backdrops which recall fragments medieval manuscripts and mosaics.


Light is explored in two separate ways. The first is its heterogeneous application which allows parts of the picture plane to be illuminated part by part, as fragments. This insinuates the fragmentation of the world, which discloses itself as a lost totality in acts of perception, slowly yet inexorably. Equally, the artist is in command of homogeneous light effects, which seem to unite larger bodies of spaces together, as large parts of an interlocking organism which is driven forward to a unifying end. The result is the overall sensation which suggests a great knitting together of space and time that is symmetrically and asymmetrically related. What makes the Boguslawa Czarnecka’s work so vitalistic in effect and so dramatic is her remarkable use of a visual language linked towards an apprehension of thought and a suggestion that its commonality transfixes all levels of experience."


Courtesy of John Austin art writer living and working in Manhattan, NYC


The Way of Love: Sequence of 14 artwork pieces (oil on canvas)

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