Custom, Fine Art from Northborough, MA, to Your Home

A color-coded system for creating custom, fine art

Artist Boguslawa Czarnecka started Color Coded Art in Northborough, MA, with the goal of using her creative talents to provide people with high-quality, original artwork. Each of her pieces are created using a well-defined sequence of colors to convey a specific message that’s chosen by you, the client. The result is work that is extremely diverse in terms of style and subject matter, but cohesive in terms of Czarnecka’s use of vibrant color schemes. 


2022 Art Fair in the Carrousel du LOUVRE PARIS, France from October 21st to October 23rd, 2022 #paksgallery; PAKS Gallery booth D1


2021-2022 Dec 15th to Jan 2nd; Three weeks SOLO exhibition at ARTIFACT, NYC, NY 1002


2019 museum exhibition at Yukyung Art Museum/Haegeumgang Museum in Geoje, South Korea (November 1st to 30th)


2019 Art Show at the Monaco Yacht Show 2019 (September 25th to 28th)


2019 Art Fairs "Flat Files" - ARTEXPO New York (April 4th to 7th)


2019 exhibition "LITTLE TREASURES 2019" - TREVISAN International Art; Bologna, Italy at Gallery de Marchi (March 30th to April 11th)


2018/2019 exhibition "CONTEMPORARY VENICE 2018" - ITSLIQUID International Art Show featuring 100 international artists; Venice, Italy at Misericordia Archives


2018 exhibition at Agora Gallery in NYC: "The Figure and Unknown Places" an exhibition featuring 26 international artists exploring the connections between humans and the world we inhabit


Turn your space into a gallery with distinctive paintings, pastels, and mixed media pieces

Color Coded Art, Inc. isn’t limited to any one style or medium. So when it comes to making a decision with regard to your custom piece, you can request oils, watercolors, or pastels and choose between any number of styles, ranging from vibrant, colorful, abstract pieces to realistic portraits and landscapes. Check out the Gallery to see examples of past work so you can get an understanding of the full spectrum of possibilities available for your piece. With Color Coded Art, Inc., the only real limit is your imagination!

Original artwork as unique as you are

We are all different, and each one of us has our own unique story to tell. So instead of decorating your home or workplace with premade, generic artwork, have Color Coded Art, Inc. help you express yourself with a one-of-a-kind piece that actually means something special—because you deserve art that is every bit as unique as you are. You can request a piece of artwork that conveys whatever message or feeling you want. You can even talk with Boguslawa about having a special word, phrase, or piece of information seamlessly incorporated into your custom piece.


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